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Learning goal: After completing this course, you will know what different scenarios, tools, and methods are available to cope with the challenges of virtual leadership and you will know how to deal with them.

Target group: This course is aimed at all leaders who would like to start with virtual leadership or who are already (partially) leading virtually and would like to improve. Virtual leadership is also known as remote leadership, leading from a distance, managing virtual teams, remote team leadership.


Your course author and instructor will be Sabine Pietsch, an experienced leader, possessing over 12 years of experience in working with and in remote teams and over 7 years in leading teams and a studied educator. She was practice manager, team lead, director and part of the managment circle in several companies – from start-up to large companies, e.g. Zalando.

Duration: The learning duration is 2 days in total. Participants can choose freely when they complete which lesson (self-paced). We recommend to complete one lesson per week. Which is a time invest of 2-3 hours per week.

Content: You’ll get a workbook, texts, images, videos, further self-study material, and as a plus all content in an audio format, so you can easily listen to it while being on the road.

Note: You can also buy the workbook separately. If you bought the workbook already and now decide to take this course as well, the workbook price will be credited. Just leave us a message.

Interactivity: The course contains group discussions and exercises with other leaders and with experienced coaches. tests, essays.

Certificate: The course includes a certificate.

Prerequisites: Internet access, webcam, headset, paper and pen. You can access the course also via tablet or mobile device, e.g. while being on the road.

Curriculum in detail:

  • Chances and threats of virtual leadership
  • Guiding a team virtually to achieving their goals
  • Hardware, software, and online platforms and how to use them properly (practical lesson)
  • How to introduce a remote working model to teams properly
  • Typical problems and how to solve them

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 31 Topics
  • 5 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate

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Posted 3 years ago
I recommend this course

2 days of intense learning time (I did it split over one week) - and afterwards still access to repeat and practice. Very good!

Posted 3 years ago
Great course

i really like the audio version, the additional templates and the new workbook . thanks a lot!!

Posted 3 years ago
Useful content that you can use in many ways

When I started the course, I was still a newcomer to the subject. Now I know exactly what I'm doing. The forum for exchange, the chat and the meetings were great. Also, you can also listen to everything as an audio. What would have been worth 5 stars to me, is thth I'd like to have an additional book.

Posted 3 years ago
Great course!!!

I came to this course quite by accident and I am thrilled - it has helped me a lot. Thank you so much!

Posted 3 years ago
Very helpful - I've learned a lot!

The learning platform is easy to use, also via mobile device. The course is very good. In addition to detailed instructions on how to work through the modules, there are additional videos to help you and for visualization. For the successful completion of the course, you have to successfully complete various tasks. The instructors are always available for questions and clarifications.

Posted 3 years ago
I have the workbook of this course next to my desk 🙂

Hi. normally I don't like writing reviews. But this is special. This course really helped me a lot - thanks to Sabina. It's easy to follow as I could choose for each topic, if I'd like to listen via audio as well. Also, I'd like to point out, that the templates included do really work (at least for me) and I had no problems to adjust them to my needs.

Posted 3 years ago
Nice, but for me to basic

nice course, but as I do lead globally distributed teams already since a few years - I already know a lot about this. But instructor is very good. waiting for the premium version of this course to test this one!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!