Business Case

A business case is a document that contains the most relevant information of an idea that involves a new part or improvement of an existing part of the business, such as:

  • Benefits (saves time, generates revenue)
  • Costs (personnel, service providers, software licenses, hardware)
  • Calculations (usually one makes different projections, best case, most likely case, worst case).

First, you gather all the information successively and work your way closer and closer to this information – yet most of the time you are forced to estimate because you don’t know exactly.

At the end it is recommended to put a page with an “Executive Summary” in front of the detailed elaboration, so that someone (management, consultant or similar) can quickly get an overview with it.

Part of a business case are often use cases (=application examples) where you try to describe concrete situations and what the business idea would do for them. This helps the readers of the business case to better imagine what the idea is, what it uses or how it would work in practice.