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Reunite:  groundwork for a successful transition to new ways of working

About this event – a free online summit with European leaders

3. September 2021 at 12:00 pm CET for 2 hours

Now that office buildings are reopening, the people who have been working remotely over the past 15+ months have changed. A lot has happened that cannot be ignored by simply going back to how things were in the past.

Getting back together consciously and acknowledging how the lockdowns have affected all of us, is essential to move forward and embrace the change that is imminent.

Steering towards a new era where work may not be bound
to time or location…

… we need more togetherness than ever. This session revolves around Reuniting as an essential first step in the transition towards a new way of working.

It is groundwork for more thorough thinking about redesigning work in the future and a taster for a series of three compact and intense sessions (24 Sep, 8, and 22 Oct) to help international leaders to get their heads around the essence of this transition is and how to work with this change in their company.

This free session for European leaders in transition…

… offered by MeetingMasters and German New Leaders! Academy, is a warm-up session to initiate conversations about the future of work, focusing on a return to offices that acknowledges the past and prepares the soil for the future. Join us. 

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About the course leaders:

Sabine Bredemeyer is the co-founder of the New Leaders! Academy. She is an entrepreneur and lecturer in leadership and a senior consultant, coach, and mentor for holistic organizational development for over 25 years.

Emilie van Rappard is the founder of MeetingMasters Online, an agency making online meetings and engagement better, following 25 years with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and as an independent participative strategy consultant.

Perle Laouenan-Catchpole is a strategist facilitator with over 11 years working in marketing and communications for NGO’s and the education sector.

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About Instructor


Emilie van Rappard started her career at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, amongst other responsible for cultural change and global communications. In 2004 she started as an independent participative strategy consultant, developing inspired directions for growth for many international companies. When COVID-19 forced organisations to operate remotely, Emilie founded MeetingMasters Online, a visionary online agency to make online engagement work better.

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Posted 2 years ago
Excellent material for preparation

The preparatory texts and questions in the survey give precious impulses to think about the future of work.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!